Govdex upgrade

nerdErg recently completed the upgrade of Govdex, an Atlassian Confluence, Jira, and Crowd installation that serves around 60k+ users in Government in Australia. The upgrade went off with little disruption thanks to the extensive preparation by the team, although we did have to track down and fix a tricky problem with Crowd which caused excessive load on the first day.

Congratulations to the whole team at Dept. of Finance, good job!

Simple Suggestion 0.2 plugin released

Simple Suggestion plugin 0.2 has been released with the ability to override the default suggestion handler. We also added the topic to the suggestion handler closure to simplify writing handlers that can handle multiple topics.

Good Form 1.04 released

We've done a quick release of Good Form to add a Select option to the forms. There are some major changes in the pipe line to help you style and customise the forms.

Good Form 1.0.3 released

Good Form 1.0.3, a bug fix release went out after the we presented to gr8conf last month. It contains a couple of bug fixes and improvements, namely:

  • Add a generic field errors message to the top of the form page to indicate that there are errors below.
  • Add a div with class qsetDisplay to the form question set displayed on answered questions and set the default display to none.
  • Put a div around the form version message so it can be hidden.
  • Fix #16 check for arrays and lists to display the listOf element
  • Fix #17 remove th index for the each form element as the fields are individually named

If you have any issues with Good Form feel free to add an issue to the GitHub repo.

Good Form 1.0.2 released

After a lot of work we have released Good Form the Grails plugin that lets you create easy to use, easy to implement and easy to maintain complex web forms. Check out the code on Github, then come and see me talk about it at gr8conf next week. Version 1.0.1 has some critical bug fixes so if you downloaded 1.0.0 we recommend updating now.

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