nerdErg are not a big electronics design house with industrial designers and patent lawyers. We provide electronics design and advice from medium scale Industrial Control systems to Internet of Things (IoT). We can provide interfaces for off the shelf products that are combined in new and unique ways, or completely original designs for a specific purpose. It can be a one off all the way to mass produced.

These days electronics and software are tightly coupled and we can provide the firmware and software from the embedded controller to the servers, web applications, mobile apps, and industrial control interfaces.

What ca we do?

Some tech we work with:

  • Embedded controllers, from 8bit to 64 bit microcs. Simple Loop controls (Arduino), Linux OS, RTOS etc.
  • WiFi, bluetooth, LoRa, Cellular, radio comms, GPS, RFID, ZigBee.
  • Wired comms like RS485/232 and Ethernet.
  • Analog electronics, AF - RF.
  • Digital electronics from discreet gates (diode OR gates anyone?) to DSPs and FPGAs
  • Sensors of all types. (Digital and analog IO)
  • Displays and interfaces, including touchscreens, joysticks and good old buttons.
  • Mechatronics robotics and motor/power control.
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