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New website for nerdErg

22 August 2019

It’s been a while…​

The old nerdErg website has been with us since 2012 when we wrote "Groupie" a CMS website generator that, at the time, was pretty special in that you could edit on the page WYSIWYG style. You could create layouts and blogs and assets all on the fly in real time.

It was never "finished" of course, but has been used for several dozen sites. The problem with it for me was the problem I have with all WYSIWYG editors (including MS Word); you never really know what’s going on. You start a numbered list and can have a lot of trouble figuring out where it ends, and continuing numbering etc.

I have long liked markdown, but it never quite felt it was enough for a website. It was definitely enough for a blog post. But I have since become an absolute convert to simpler ASCII mark-up, especially for documentation, with the wonderful AsciiDoc and Asciidoctor.

Yes this post was written with Asciidoctor and JBake. I wanted to switch to a static site generator a long time ago, and we at nerdErg indeed played with different tools including a Javascript driven wiki. But wonderful as Markdown and AsciiDoc is you need templating and to be able to just do not so plain old HTML, which is where JBake comes in. It’s not perfect but with Groovy templating it does most things I need, and the fact I can use good ol' Git to save/version/push my sites around makes it pretty damn good for me.

Grails Shiro Plugin re-write

10 July 2019

We have looked after the grails 2.x version of the Grails shiro plugin since Peter Ledbrook decided to pass on the batton. Unfortunately the work required to get it up to date with Grails 3.x was a little much for our busy schedule…​ BUT

FINALLY we have had the time (and indeed professional need) to give the plugin the love it desperately needed and can announce the release of the official Grails 3.3.10 & Grails 4.0.0 Shiro 1.4.1 shiro plugin!

Thanks to all the people who helped out, we hope this re-write of the plugin makes it much easier to use and maintain.

Lots of things have changed, please check out the documentation.

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